141. Generate motivation and encourage awareness.

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Through safety and reassurance activities, we will think about what the original purpose is. Of course, in the working environment, it is best not to cause accidents, but there are cases where accidents do occur. Therefore, in many cases, it is necessary to know how to protect yourself and to have the knowledge to deal with disasters. Safety education provided by companies (observance of work procedures, rules to prevent accidents, use of safety equipment, discovery of dangerous areas and improvement in advance through daily patrols, etc.) is an important education for preventing accidents and protecting oneself. . By using safety equipment, you can protect your body even if a disaster occurs. Safety education also includes ways to minimize damage. Knowledge of disasters can be used to deal with disasters in the event of an emergency. Practical training for coping with disasters is also carried out, so you can calmly deal with emergencies and feel safe. For educational purposes, it is also important to generate motivation to encourage actions to prevent disasters. Giving workers a strong will and motivation to maintain safety is necessary to realize a safe society. However, it is one of the most difficult tasks for people to generate “motivation”.

In order to generate a strong will to prevent disasters in order to maintain safety and reassurance, and to generate motivation to take action to prevent disasters, it is necessary to proceed through many steps one by one and satisfy the conditions that generate motivation. First of all, we need knowledge about disasters. If you know in advance what kinds of disasters are likely to occur in your environment, you can deal with them. By experiencing the next disaster in a simulated manner, you will increase your sensitivity to danger. RiMM disaster experience using VR makes it possible to experience danger using the five senses, directly convey the fear of disasters through the five senses, and make people feel the fear of disasters. It is necessary to make people think, “I don’t like disasters, I don’t want to be in disasters” through scary experiences. It is necessary to perceive disasters as major obstacles, have an awareness of the problems, have a strong desire to solve them, and have the energy to put them into action. In this way, it is thought that the motivation to deal with disasters will arise only when these three conditions are met: knowledge of disasters, improved sensitivity to danger, awareness of problems and admiration for disasters. It is necessary to train and educate the necessary conditions one by one according to the purpose and improve the ability of the person. Generating people’s motives can only be realized by satisfying some conditions and having the will to take action on them. It is one of the most difficult tasks.