143. Consider mental safety with VR

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We are thinking about how to reproduce disasters in VR, experience negative emotions, and improve people’s sensitivity to danger. Disaster experience is to create a momentary negative sensation in the mind through experiencing the fear of a disaster, and by appropriately giving that negative impact, it creates fear in the mind and changes consciousness in the direction of increasing safety. is intended for It is most important to consider the psychological, neurological, and brain mechanisms that govern people’s emotions when determining the type of negative emotion and the amount of stimulus to load. This is the most important thing to ensure a person’s mental safety. By elucidating the mechanisms and factors that cause mental disorders in people, and eliminating the factors that cause these disorders, we ensure safety by adjusting the amount of negative sensory stimuli. We also use built-in adjustments according to our own ethical standards.

By appropriately adjusting the amount of stimulation of negative bodily sensations, it prevents the occurrence of disorders. There is one issue here. The problem is that the sensibility of each person is different and the way they feel when experiencing it is different. The device that has already been realized asks and answers questions to the person who experiences the experience and distinguishes the characteristics of the person. Safety is ensured by a mechanism that determines the amount of stimulation individually based on the results of discrimination and adjusts appropriately. Sensitivity is also limited to values that do not cause harm according to ethical standards. In addition, the new disability prevention mechanism that we are currently working on is a mechanism that optimizes the amount of stimulation by evaluating in advance the emotions of the experience and automatically calculating the optimum value according to individual characteristics. By realizing these methods, individual experiential education is optimized and safe at the same time.

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