144. Engage in Safety and Assurance

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The theme of safety and assurance at RiMM is human. Disasters was related human that include general disasters (traffic accidents, fires, etc.), occupational accidents, man-made disasters. The natural disasters that affect the earth. The earth is an environment where human live, and the natural disasters that occur there are disasters that human cannot stop. This time think about the safety and reassurance of human and the earth.

Safety and reassurance are defined as follows.

“Safe” is objectively determined to be free from harm to people and their communities, and to people, organizations and public property. Possessions here include intangibles.

“Peace of mind” means believing that the situation will not differ significantly from what people have predicted through their knowledge and experience. Believing that nothing you do not expect will happen, and believing that if something does happen, you will be able to accept it. However, to make it easier to understand intuitively, RiMM Cyclone Philosophy considers “safety” as “protecting the body” and “peace of mind” as “finding and maintaining peace of mind.”

In terms of safety, attempts are being made to prevent disasters using an engineering approach. Protective devices, safety covers, mechanical improvements, structural changes, etc. In addition, we will protect the body by preventing the occurrence of obstacles through work rules, the use of protective equipment, and rules of conduct that use it. Safety education has a safety approach that protects oneself from engineering, and a safety approach that secures peace of mind from biological science.

We need activities that appeal to people’s hearts, change their minds, and make them act.

This is an approach that considers human psychology and predicts and takes countermeasures from psychology.