147. Awareness leads to safety and reassurance.

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We will return to the origin of safety and reassurance. In general, it is described as safe and reassurance, and it is described as reassurance and safty. Should safety come first? Is peace of mind (peace of mind) first? Which one is it? Both are important.

Unfortunately, in the corona misfortune, there is a result that the risk of disaster occurrence is increasing. The number of disasters has not decreased in recent years. Due to the corona crisis, the number of people working alone is increasing with the minimum number of people required. When a failure occurs in the manufacturing process, it is often the case that one person oversees the failure, and as a result, the risk of disaster occurrence is increasing.

Therefore, it is necessary to conduct increased safety and reassurance activities repeatedly. At the same time, we must continue to conduct safety and security activities while raising awareness of safety and reassurance.

Let us look at safety and security objectively and subjectively.

If you objectively confirm the disaster, “I can grasp the situation well, but I feel bad.”

When you subjectively experience a disaster, “It’s hard to grasp the situation, but the true fear is felt and remains as a memory.”

Here, “bad feeling” is an alert function that avoids things that are dangerous to human survival.

“Scary” I am worried that I might be harmed if I get too close.

Something bad is going to happen to me, and I do not want to get close.

I am worried that I might get a bad result and want to avoid it.

Anxiety is a physiological phenomenon that cannot be avoided.

“Fear” is an emotion that imagines death.

These situations are not safe.

What should I do to be safe and secure? It is to encourage awareness to learn work, know disasters, feel fear of disasters, protect yourself, and think about preventing disasters. Generate awareness of disasters and take safe action. I think that will be the basis.

To feel safe, awareness will generate motivation to deal with safety and make you act safe and secure. It is like the theme.

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