139. Safely touch heart.

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Think about touching people’s hearts directly. In particular, the theme of reassurance was defined by “I believe that the situation will not be significantly different from the situation that people predict through knowledge and experience, and I believe that something I did not anticipate will not happen, even if something happens. Believe it is acceptable. Let us consider the experience process that people feel relieved by using a biological approach. People communicate the events they experience through the body’s sensory organs. The sensations shown here are the five senses, the sense of balance, and the sense of internal organs. When a bodily sensation event is transmitted to the body, emotions that are beast-like sensations are first generated, and then feeling are generated, and the mind is generated. After that, when the conditions are met, a motive is created, and the judgment is made according to the motive and the action is executed. This experience process is derived from Human sensibility, neurology, brain chemistry, psychology, and philosophy. It is used for explanation as a scale showing these series of experience processes.

To make people feel emotional, we need a means to reproduce the senses. An engineering approach is used as a means of reproducing sensations. The sight that captures light and the hearing that captures sound are reproduced using the technique of VR Virtual Reality. The tactile sensation and sense of balance that you feel when you touch the body directly are reproduced by applying robot control technology. To reproduce the sensation touched here, the body is captured by a camera and image processing technology is used to detect the movement and posture of the body from the position of the skeleton. The posture information captured by image processing is reflected in the humanoid Avatar model in the virtual space and visually expressed. To touch an object in the virtual space, the position of the body and the contact judgment between the objects are calculated by the CPU by physical calculation processing, and the tactile sensation is generated by the feedback control technology. In this way, it is realized by engineering means to reproduce the senses.Think about ways to generate emotions in people. Human emotions are as shown in emotions. The blog in episode 91st explained emotions. Each emotion is created by stimulating the visceral sensations while stimulating the five senses, the sense of balance felt by the body, and the sense of touch according to the emotions. Currently, our research derives sensory elements that require fear, focusing on the fear of high arousal and high negative emotions. The critical point is to prevent mental damage caused by overstimulation. Therefore, we need a mechanism to accurately evaluate human emotions. Emotional evaluation needs to be evaluated by a subjective evaluation method using a questionnaire and an objective evaluation method that detects body reactions. Emotional evaluation requires a mechanism to elucidate and evaluate emotions using bioscientific methods. Through these mechanisms, you will be able to safely touch your heart. It is difficult to touch people’s hearts.

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