136. Training intuition for safety and reassurance

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This time I would like to think about the ability to respond to disasters. The idea of rim safety is to respond to four disasters such as general disasters, occupational accidents, natural disasters, and man-made disasters, and seek out means to realize safe and secure activities for people, including the global environment in which people live. The safety and reassurance we work on is the earth where people exist and the environment in which people work. Failures can occur in all places where people are active. We have been studying human sensory reproduction for over 20 years and have studied the effects on the human mind through sensory reproduction. The theme that makes the best use of these is to give people safety and security.

People’s safety and security will reform people’s consciousness by directly touching people’s hearts through the five senses. Virtual reality technology that reproduces the senses of sight and hearing, robot technology that generates senses other than sight and hearing, brain chemistry necessary for touching the human mind, and psychology are important. These expertise are technologies gained through joint research with research institutes. The combination of these techniques and experience will achieve the goal.

In order to realize innovation, we will independently elucidate the technologies related to human sensibilities. The human experience process is transmitted through the sensory organs represented by the five senses. When the senses are stimulated, the beast reaction causes emotions. Emotions occur according to emotions. Eventually, the heart will occur. We will search for and commercialize means to enhance each of these capabilities. A device that uses and experiences beast-like reactions is a skill training simulator using VR. It is a product that memorizes skills with the body while moving the body. Next, it is a VR disaster experience that conveys the fear by experiencing the fear at the time of a disaster with multiple senses and improves the danger sensitivity. We are currently strengthening 6 processes including these.

We are developing a method to improve resilience and disaster response capability, which is the sixth process. In recent years, I feel that the activity of the earth has become active, such as climate change including temperature rise, local rain, and earthquakes in various places. When dealing with disasters caused by nature, the question is how to ensure the safety of people. In order to solve this problem, know how to deal with known disasters through disaster case studies, increase risk sensitivity, promote awareness to ensure safety by yourself, and improve survival probability by cold judgment and actions in the event of a disaster. I think that it will increase the probability of survival by intuition for unknown disasters. Intuition learns through challenges and failures that are unknown. By overcoming failures through trial and error, you will train your intuition and your ability to survive. We believe that activities that continuously repeat these activities will lead to safety and security.

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