134. Episode 8. Acceleration Cycle that produces effects in each area and shifts to the next safety cycle

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In episode five, we divided the human experience process into five processes and provided education to improve safety at each stage. At the same time, I also told you that human memory and sensitivity are lost over time. In the skill training to be learned by the body, the operation is repeated while moving the body in order to keep it as a memory in the body itself, and the body is made to memorize it. Education memorized through experience can maintain memory more than education memorized in the brain. In such education learned by the body, the memory is maintained by repeating the movements regularly, but the memory is lost after a long time without the corresponding movements. In order to solve the problem of forgetting like this, it is necessary to continue to repeat the safety education conducted for each process according to the forgetting cycle. In the seventh episode, we will maintain overall safety by regularly executing a total of six educational programs in each stage according to the five processes.

We will surely repeat these six educations in sequence from 1 to 5 and continue to execute the safety cycle up to five, and at the sixth stage, we will adapt by finding a new safety method beyond the process of failure and trial and error. Adaptation will change the situation so that you can challenge the safety cycle one step higher again. By continuing to rotate the safety cycle comprehensively in this way, we will maintain safety improvement activities while continuing to rotate the circulation cycle that steadily improves safety. By going through a comprehensive safety cycle in this way, the speed of safety improvement will gradually accelerate and improve. The critical point in this comprehensive cycle is to maintain and repeat the educational method of each sequence without stopping, and to proceed in the direction of turning the whole cycle while increasing the activity repeatedly from 1 to 6. Challenge activities to overcome without fear of failure and trial and error in the process of six. Overcoming obstacles and going through the cycle of the disaster experience process to lead to the next safety cycle. It is to build an attitude and system that will continue these activities. The cycle that accelerates safety comprehensively is the cycle that has been explained in episodes 1 to 7 and continues to circulate and is a comprehensive safety cycle that is established on that basis.

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