135. The road to thinking about safety & reassurance

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It is difficult to think about the safety of people and the earth and to maintain that state. Rethink what you need to prepare to stay safe and how you can get peace of mind. This reminds us that safety is a very meaningful theme for people and the earth. I think that there is not enough knowledge to promote safety, but the following is the academic discipline that RiMM thinks is necessary and has learned so far.

When RiMM was young, he learned in the industrial field centering on robot control technology including automatic control theory, programming, machine control, synchronous control, position recognition by image processing, image recognition by feature extraction, etc. .. After that, we will try and error about the method of leaving an impression on the human mind by visualization using real-time 3D expression and exaggerated expression by visual expression. In order to obtain intuition and intuition, we concentrate on realizing the reproduction of vision ⇒ hearing ⇒ tactile pressure ⇒ balance ⇒ pain ⇒ force ⇒ smell, etc., and by combining various sensations, we concentrate on the sensitivity to move the mind and experience it. I’m building a system. I am interested in the risk of mental disorders and disorders caused by inducing negative emotions through the sensitivities that directly touch the mind, and I am concentrating on research that appropriately touches the mind and generates emotions. In order to realize these, I realized that it is necessary to acquire the knowledge to understand and elucidate the biological mechanism of human beings, and I am starting to aim to approach emotions rather than the biological mechanism of human beings. The following are reference materials that I learned independently after 2014.