145. Education on safety and security is divided into two parts.

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To appeal to and influence the human psyche, one must understand the bioscience of the human being. It is necessary to embody the method of intuitive communication according to the process that people experience, and to find and implement a mechanism that encourages action.

To achieve this, we will use biochemistry to elucidate the sensory organs that humans feel, the nervous system (neurons) that transmit through the body, the vascular system (hormones), the brain that analyzes and recognizes situations, the emotions and feelings that are generated through the body, and the psychological aspects. We are trying to think of and implement strengthening methods for safety and reassurance, taking into consideration the human sensory process through bioscience. I am thinking about how to divide a group of people into two groups and strengthen each group.

“Public group” education to know known hazards and teach how to prevent them

“For leaders group” Education to improve intuition through simulation to deal with unknown disasters

Leader education is a program to strengthen resilience to respond to unknown disasters and natural disasters. Unknown disasters and natural disasters often involve phenomena that people cannot know, and instantaneous judgments and actions are required on the spot. In addition, it is important that the judgment and action are in the direction of increasing the survival rate even a little. Instant judgment requires intuition. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the accuracy of intuition on a daily basis. I believe that intuition can be trained by taking on the right challenges and finding ways to succeed through trial and error. Through a lot of trial and error, we believe that we can improve our intuition by generating circuits in our heads so that we can make better decisions. Resilience in times of disaster requires first of all mental strength. Mental strength is also strengthened mentally through training to find ways to survive through trial and error in various disaster cases, and a strong mind is born. That mental strength is necessary in times of disaster. I believe that it is very meaningful to train your intuition in order to cultivate your mental strength.

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