146. Cultivation program to cultivate creativity

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In order to develop new methods and means for safety and reassurance, we would like to introduce a training program that is currently being implemented. The name of the training program is “RiMM University”. A unique program to improve creativity.

RiMM University Philosophy

Create and enlighten safety ideas for the safety of people and the earth, and acquire the ability to contribute to society.

Only a few percent of people are able to demonstrate their creativity ⇒ Most have untapped abilities

Uncreated = Compete for meaningful things ⇒ Conflict ⇒ Fear/desire

Creation keeps people and the planet safe. ⇒ Creativity required

People are originally equipped with various abilities, and there are many abilities that are not used. In order to encourage creativity, we cultivate intuitions, impressions, and views that people have not yet used. To cultivate intuition, watch, feel with your heart, and nurture and blossom your sensibility. In order to realize this, we will build our own training program in 2021 and are currently training in a three-year plan.

from the emotions of the body

Desire is born, and it leads to the driving force that leads to human leaps ↑, working like a beast increases ego, and the senses you feel in your body (tactile, pain, force) have a large effect.

from the feelings of the heart

A sense of beauty is the sensitivity of the heart that everyone possesses, and beauty is nurtured through sight (seeing), hearing (hearing), smell (smell) = taste (taste).

◇RiMM University is

Through design that influences aesthetic consciousness, it touches the sensibilities that lie dormant in people’s hearts. , leading the spirit of creation and creation. Continue to stimulate the five senses through design. Cultivate visual sensibility, auditory sensibility, and olfactory sensibility, all of which are dormant in humans, in order to discover creativity.

The RiMM University Jump program is in progress with the following contents.

  Part 0 “20 powers (example = watch)”, → Part 1 “20 beauty”, → Part 2 “20 sensibilities”, → Part 3 “Brand”