149. Living with the earth.

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I think the resilience of the 149th episode is the most difficult subject in realizing safety and security. In order to ensure safety and security, we still need to continue to look for ways to strengthen it. Resilience “flexible strength” and “ability to recover” are one of the important challenges for humanity to overcome. Human beings living in the global environment are walking along with the changes of the earth. Activities caused by changes in the earth’s environment are the result of the life activities of the stars, and human beings need to accept the changes in the earth and move forward together. Therefore, human beings need to increase their resilience and maintain their activities. It is exceedingly difficult to increase resilience, but humanity needs to continue to find ways to live with the earth while increasing resilience. Living with the earth of humankind is an eternal theme of humanity.

This time, I was able to achieve over the hundred posts on the blog, but thanks to the many people who supported me in several ways, I was able to continue posting. This year’s publication will be the last. In addition, we will take a break for the year-end and New Year holidays to cultivate energy. Next blog’s tittle was keeping peace of mind.

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