76. Integrated support for safety and relief (extra edition)

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We have decided to post an extra edition as a summary of 2021. A comprehensive record of activities throughout the year.

We aim to build an integrated service to ensure the safety and security of people and the earth. The services already provided include a skill simulator that allows the body to memorize skills and reduce mistakes, a disaster experience VR that improves danger sensitivity, a panoramic danger indication VR that promotes awareness of danger prediction, and a decision to improve the ability to respond to natural disasters. A disaster simulator that promotes behavior, and a training system on a network diagram that finds avoidance methods in the event of a disaster through simulation with image training methods. In the future, we will continue to study each stage and add services required by society.

The VR experience system for experiencing disasters is planned to be released as a model of Mobile II type by improving the VR goggles PC connection type = Mobile I type currently being supplied. Future model verification work is also underway. There are two types of network connection type models here, and the development of the functions of both models has already been completed and the functions have been verified. We will continue to consider providing services while checking the status of social network infrastructure from time to time.