78. Safety requires knowledge fusion “Episode 4: Safety targets are human and the earth”

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The object of safety is considered for people and the earth. Occupational accidents and man-made accidents are centered on people. General disasters and natural disasters are centered on people and the earth. We consider safety for people and the earth. When considering the safety of the earth, we need to know more about the earth. From an astronomical point of view, the earth = stars have a limited lifespan. Stars are active every day and change and grow in the same way as living organisms. In this way, we consider the earth to be an organism. Now let’s focus on the birth of the earth. It is generally believed that the universe was born by Big Burn. It is believed that the universe has continued to expand due to the big burn and is still expanding. Gravity is generated and affected by the existence of matter existing in the universe. Matter that exists in the universe is thought to contain 5% of normal matter, 26% of dark matter, and 69% of dark energy. It is beginning to be understood that the substance is affected by gravity and there is uneven distribution of dark matter = dark matter. Matter moves due to the influence of the gravitational field, and collisions occur between the substances. A mass of matter is formed by the collision of matter. Stars, including stars, are thought to have been born through this mechanism.

We will continue to think about the birth of the earth. A mass of matter is born as the basis of the earth. A mass of matter also collides with the earth from the outside, and the collision heats the earth. The heated state continues and magma is born in the center of the earth with the passage of time. The Earth cools over time, but the collision of other masses in the universe adds a water base with particles contained in matter. It is believed that this produced water. It is thought that water spread on the surface of the earth through such a process, and the sea spread on the earth. Water evaporates and clouds are generated by cosmic rays and electromagnetic waves that fall from space. Clouds rain and water returns to the surface of the earth, creating a circulation of water. Friction generated by clouds causes energy to accumulate and lightning strikes. It is known that amino acids are generated when these conditions are met. In this way, the birth of the earth is deeply related to the birth of the universe. It is thought that the growth of the universe is closely related to the elementary particles that exist in the universe. On the other hand, it is thought that the bacteria that are the basis of living things were born from the amino acids generated in the sea. It is believed that the organisms that were born were gradually evolved and transformed, and that human ancestors were born, especially through the explosive evolution of the Cambrian period. In this way, the origin of living organisms can be traced back to bacteria. Bacteria, eukaryotes, and archaea are the origins of life. People are born by repeating evolution from the bacterial level. Evolving due to mutation, DNA continues to evolve as a blueprint for living organisms while changing. The basis of living things is DNA and genes.