77. Safety requires knowledge fusion “Episode 3: Barriers to Stand Up 2”

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The important point in virtual experience is to make people feel the difference from reality as much as possible. In particular, it is necessary to detect the posture of a person and then reproduce the reflection in the virtual space without delay. If this condition is not met, VR sickness and tiredness that occur when using VR continuously will occur. Delays are caused by various factors. Data capacity to handle, computer drawing ability (numerical value indicating how many drawings can be updated per second, called frame rate), image acquisition and position calculation ability of motion tracking camera, ability of system to process all of these systems It depends on. The update time = delay time processed by a typical image processing system is as follows.

3D drawing processing speed: 90 frames / sec (ideally 100 frames / sec or more)
Tracking processing speed: 60 frames / sec (ideally 100 frames / sec or more)
System processing speed = image storage + image transfer + position correction processing + 3D drawing processing
≒ 22.2msec + 11.1msec + 11.1-16.6msec = 44.4-19.9msec / cycle (delay time)
(* However, image storage and transfer differ depending on the imager performance of the image processing system.)

The delay time shown here is the system loss time. The smaller the delay, the better for humans, but it is the fastest processing time of the system excluding special high-speed cameras. VR sickness occurs if some conditions other than delay are not met. It is necessary to build the application in consideration of these conditions. The burden on the eyes changes depending on the expression by software, considering the effects of resolution, delay time, and optical light reproduction. Biological elucidation is needed to assess these effects.

The next challenge is intuitive operational issues. By the way, is the operation system like the movie of the minority report intuitive? What kind of response is intuitive operation in the first place? The operation by the existing VR device is essentially affected by the inconsistency of the operation system in the real space and the VR space. It is technically impossible to completely match the operation system of real and virtual space. It is important how to get closer to virtual and intuitive operation with existing VR devices. While solving these issues, we will move on to the next title change. The next title change is a mismatch between the virtual sense and the real sense that are reproduced. There is an idea that even if the cost is high, it is better to match the reality perfectly, but a method to reproduce the whole sense of human beings has not been realized yet. Therefore, it becomes a debate about how much should be reproduced for each event. It is possible to reproduce the senses with various reproduction devices. The feeling reproduced on the rim is as shown in the figure. Various sensations can be reproduced with a dedicated inexpensive device. The final challenge is post-traumatic stress due to excessive reproducibility, which can result from recreating negative emotions. In order to keep a person’s mind safe, mental disorders must be completely prevented.