74. Safety requires knowledge fusion “Episode 1: Basic technology required for safety”

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This issue is entitled “Safety requires knowledge fusion” and will be published in all 5 episodes (74-78 episodes). “Episode 1: Basic Technology Necessary for Safety”, “Episode 2: Barriers to Stand Up”, “Episode 3: People and the Earth for Safety”, “Episode 4: The Earth in Space”, “Fifth” Talk: Think about human safety. “

We will post about the technologies that we think are necessary for product development for safety. The basic technologies we have acquired are as shown below. An artistic approach is important in developing sensibilities. We will cultivate the ability to observe, read, and reproduce the state as you see it by drawing a painting. At the same time, through art, we will cultivate creativity, realization by modeling creation, and deformation transmission power by exaggerated expression and emphasized expression as I felt in my heart. Automatic control theory is an important technology in every aspect. This is a basic technology for stable operation control. Automatic control is a stable control method based on sensing feedback, such as temperature control, servo control, coordinated control with multiple devices, and interlocking operation control. Furthermore, in order to establish automatic control, it is necessary to be familiar with the architecture of the microcomputer. Efficient memory space control is also a necessary technology for software construction in a memory environment with limited resources.

The MCU / CPU is the unit that works most faithfully as a unit that executes software commands, and is an important control technology for controlling robots including mechanical systems. The next technology to pay attention to is the technology that inputs an image with an optical camera that simulates the function of the eye, processes the image with a CPU, and recognizes the input image. It embodies human biological visual recognition and identifies line segments by feature extraction. It is a visual recognition technology that recognizes image matching points by pattern matching method etc. to discover the specified pattern. Virtual reality is a technology for creating virtual space, and has evolved into a technology that reproduces the five senses in particular. It is a necessary means to make people recognize the virtual space and at the same time to reproduce the biological mechanism of humans.

Basic technical means to use safely
Artistic sensibilities: Get observation, reading, expression, ideas, modeling, exaggeration, and emphasis with an artistic approach

Automatic control (feedback control): stable control, differential control, automatic adjustment, delay

Microcomputer architecture: computer theory, memory space control

Robot control: interlocking control, synchronous operation, tactile generation

Image processing (feature extraction, correlation, filtering): visual recognition, human eye processing

Virtual Reality VR: Interaction, Five Senses Reproduction