73. We will consider means to ensure safety, enlighten our safety philosophy, and protect the safety of people and the earth.(7/7)

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The Blog article to be posted consists of 7 episodes. (Episode 67-73)

The important point to maintain safety is to build a mechanism to convey these mechanisms, disaster cases, coping methods, safety ideas, and education to teach them to society as human wisdom, and to share information throughout society. We will create a system to record disasters as social infrastructure in a database and browse them throughout society. We need a network-linked mechanism that effectively conveys information to each region on the earth. Communication using the Internet is expanding rapidly, globalization is progressing, and society is evolving rapidly. Along with changes in industry, the global environment is also changing rapidly, and as a result, the living environment surrounding people is changing drastically. In order for people to live safely in the environment, they need the ability to respond appropriately to the obstacles caused by those changes. People need new ways to stay safe in today’s changing society. Through networks, we can quickly learn about disasters occurring in the world, share information in a way that enhances safety effects by experiencing the information, and gather people with high safety awareness and knowledge through social activities to improve safety. We need a system that will continue as a social activity that enhances safety in the world by creating a new system that maintains safety with the wisdom of humankind.

We will continue to disseminate safe and efficient information for the future through the development of safety systems. We will elucidate the mechanism that affects human biological emotions. Through personalized communication, we will realize an efficient and direct emotional mechanism. We keep people’s peace of mind and appropriately control negative sensations that directly affect our hearts according to the biological mechanism of people. We need safety technology that conveys emotions in an appropriate way and prevents mental disability. To achieve this, we will discover the mechanism of touching emotions through the sensory organs and the brain from a medical point of view. It is necessary to elucidate the biological mechanism of human beings. This project needs to comprehensively integrate various knowledge such as medicine, biology, ethics, cognitive, psychology, nerves, sensibility, robotics, communication, etc., and requires collaborators with specialized knowledge. It can be used in a wide range of fields as a mechanism for caring for people’s emotions and maintaining human safety, as better communication, and efficient education according to human characteristics and abilities.