72. We will consider means to ensure safety, enlighten our safety philosophy, and protect the safety of people and the earth. (6/7)

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The Blog article to be posted consists of 7 episodes. (Episode 67-73)

It is also important to acquire the ability to respond in the event of a natural disaster. In order to reduce unexpected things, creating the worst beyond the conventional wisdom, simulating damage by simulation method, and finding a countermeasure through the simulation is one way to reduce unknown disasters. It is confirmed that peculiar signs are always seen before the occurrence of a natural disaster. We will find out the changes in the environment, have the power to immediately connect to evacuation behavior, and make a habit of promoting evacuation behavior. By making decisions and acting in the event of a disaster, the probability that a person will survive will increase. In addition, we will deepen the cooperation of people and create an attitude to confront major obstacles as a group. By confronting disasters in society as a whole, we create people’s peace of mind. Through these activities, we will develop the ability to face disasters. Such indirect social activities can also be expected to have the effect of raising awareness. We train based on the wisdom of safety found by humans. You will learn the fact that the criticism was carried out smoothly and the safety was maintained by calmly evacuating. You will learn through disaster response activities, face disasters, and improve your resilience. This resilience is the third mechanism to ensure safety. It is important to discover ways to increase resilience and share them with society.