71. We will consider means to ensure safety, enlighten our safety philosophy, and protect the safety of people and the earth.(5/7)

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eople create environments such as cities, roads, vehicles, buildings, and machines that originally carry out human social activities. The design can be improved, and the environment can be improved so that disasters are less likely to occur. To ensure safety in a social environment, it is necessary to study, rethink and improve the disasters that occur in that environment. Once a disaster has occurred, we will thoroughly investigate the cause of the disaster and find a way to prevent the disaster from occurring. By investigating and clarifying the cause, you can find a way to protect yourself from disasters and reduce the damage. The important point is the attitude of constantly thinking and improving to ensure safety. We need to continue to share the wisdom of safety throughout society. In order to further improve safety, it is necessary to acquire the ability to anticipate the worst in various cases and find out the worst disaster cause. If you can predict the occurrence of a disaster and acquire the ability to prevent it, you can reduce the number of disasters. We will ensure the safety of society by continuing to carry out these three steps repeatedly.

However, the circumstances of natural disasters are different, and these methods cannot be used. In natural disasters, the disaster occurrence mechanism works, and disasters occur due to major changes in the global environment. Various parameters in the natural world are intertwined and disasters are occurring, which cannot be prevented by the current wisdom of humankind. Therefore, one cannot predict a natural disaster and prevent it. However, it is possible to predict the occurrence of a disaster by reading the changes that appear before the occurrence of a natural disaster. The situation will change by developing the ability to read changes in the earth to ensure safety. Although passive, we case-study past disasters, find pre-disaster signs, and share that information with society as a whole. This will help you find a way to predict the occurrence of a disaster. From this prediction, you can start acting and reduce the damage. We cannot deal with unknown disasters, but it is important to change unknown disasters into known ones by always recording and analyzing the disasters that have occurred, finding ways to deal with them, and continuing to share that information with society.