70. We will consider means to ensure safety, enlighten our safety philosophy, and protect the safety of people and the earth. (4/7)

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Three-step education is effective for improving safety. First, learn about the environment in which a disaster occurs and the conditions and conditions under which the disaster will occur. Learn how to respond to disaster situations, ensure safety and protect yourself. Protective education is mainly education for sharing information on safety methods. People do not think that they will face a disaster and do not specifically consider the disaster as their own. People cannot take safety education seriously. This attitude is an obstacle to education. To learn seriously, you need to change your mindset. However, it is difficult and not easy to concentrate people’s consciousness on the purpose. Awareness improvement is often a social issue. Awareness reform will be tackled for each purpose. Safety education raises awareness of danger by actually experiencing negative emotions during a disaster. This is called risk sensitivity (ability to receive stimuli from the outside world) improvement education, and as a means to realize it, evolutionary VR that reproduces three or more senses is used to improve the effect.

An educational obstacle is that people perceive disasters as other people’s affairs. To overcome this, work in a real environment and experience the disasters that occur there. According to the disaster conditions, one’s own behavior becomes dangerous behavior and induces a disaster, and at the same time, the person experiences a more unpleasant sensation than scary emotion, which is a negative emotion at the time of a disaster. However, since it is not possible to actually experience a disaster because it threatens human life, you can experience the expected disaster in a virtual space where safety is ensured and feel the fear of a disaster. The sensation of negative emotions raises the risk sensitivity and directs consciousness in a safe direction. The experience using virtual space is a subjective experience by sight and hearing. However, it has been found that it is difficult for emotions that are dangerous in many disasters to generate negative emotions only by sight. We have found a way to generate negative emotions by combining three or more sensations that the body feels in order to get closer to the actual experience. The sensations felt by the body create negative emotions using robot control technology such as tactile sensations, skin sensations, and equilibrium sensations.