69. We will consider means to ensure safety, enlighten our safety philosophy, and protect the safety of people and the earth.(3/7)

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The Blog article to be posted consists of 7 episodes. (Episode 67-73)

The most familiar general accidents and occupational accidents are concentrated on two and training / education is carried out to improve safety.

The first step is to use your body to acquire skills efficiently, reduce work mistakes, and ensure safety. This is called a skill simulation program and provides three simulations.

Method 1 This is a driving training simulator for improving console operation skills equipped with an operation panel.

Method 2 This is a simulator that reduces operation mistakes by memorizing work sequences by repeating operations according to work sequences.

Method 3 This is a simulator that captures the skills of technicians into the VR space, imitates the operations while visually checking them, and transmits the skills.

In order to improve skills, all programs perform simulations while moving the body to reduce work mistakes and ensure safety.

The second stage is an intention education program to learn about disasters, raise safety awareness through the experience of disasters, and acquire ways to protect yourself.

Step1 A case study of the environment and circumstances in which a disaster occurs. “Knowing the disaster”

Step2 In order to improve the awareness of danger, experience the disaster virtually and increase the sensitivity to danger. “I feel dangerous”

Step3 Learn how to protect yourself (rules for ensuring safety, importance of routine operation, use of protective equipment, etc.). “Protect yourself”