68. We will consider means to ensure safety, enlighten our safety philosophy, and protect the safety of people and the earth.(2/7)

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The Blog article to be posted consists of 7 episodes. (Episode 67-73)

The series of processes is a case where we were able to respond well to the disaster. If you are not prepared for a disaster, you will not be able to decide in a hurry and act. The probability that people will be saved will increase by conducting training to judge dangerous situations on a daily basis, and by conducting behavior promotion education that encourages action. People’s social behavior acts according to their purpose and is accumulated as knowledge and wisdom by learning. People act with accumulated wisdom. Many disasters occur during social activities. It is important to study how to ensure safety on a daily basis and prepare countermeasures. By taking appropriate measures at each stage of progress in this way, safety can be ensured.

We divide the human experience process into three parts. Education to ensure safety is carried out in three steps at each stage of the process. The first step is a skill simulation program that lets the body learn the skills. Next, it is a will education program to learn how to ensure safety while giving people a strong sense of safety and increasing their sensitivity to danger. Finally, we will implement a safety improvement program that enhances resilience (the strength of the supple mind to respond to disasters and the ability to recover after a disaster) that will be effective in the event of a disaster. In this way, we comprehensively provide safety methods according to the level and improve human safety.