67. We will consider means to ensure safety, enlighten our safety philosophy, and protect the safety of people and the earth. (1/7)

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The Blog article to be posted consists of 7 episodes. (Episode 67-73)

We work on the theme of human and global safety. In order to ensure the safety of the body and mind in the environment in which people live, we consider safety based on biological mechanisms. Disasters that threaten people on the earth are natural disasters, general disasters, occupational accidents, and man-made disasters.

The environment in which a person lives is a public place, a home environment, or a workplace. We will focus on the disasters that occurred in the past under these conditions and conduct a case study. We will look back on the process of disaster occurrence and find a way to ensure safety for each disaster. We record disaster prevention methods as a safety measure and share them with society. Disasters are remembered in the body as a sequential negative experience. A disaster begins with a negative sensation, and the body naturally reacts, and emotions are born. The body recognizes the condition, emotions are generated, and the mind is born over time. After that, motives arise, and decisions are made based on the motives and actions are taken. If you act in a series of steps, you can deal with disasters and move in a safe direction.