65. Foreign media interview(2)

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We will post the contents of the interview following the previous one.

Q8. Is your company a “leader or follower”? Do you have your own core values?

A8. We were followers when we started the business, and now we think that we are a leading safety company in Japan. We develop products based on our unique concept of safety. The concept is a concept that keeps human safety, and is based on the mechanism of the human biological body. At each stage, you will experience and practice techniques to improve human safety and improve human abilities.

Q9. Is it true that pursuing both “ethics and success” in business is a difficult feat?

A9. I think there are cases where both are compatible depending on the business theme, but I think there are cases where it is difficult to achieve both. Since our main theme is safety, we can aim for a business form that is compatible with each other depending on the conditions. The basic concept of safety is ethically considered and educated. However, these days, unexpected disasters are occurring all over the world. When considering saving lives and increasing the survival rate, there is a possibility that ethics may be broken at times. Success in the field of safety is to create a state in which people and the earth are not worried, and even if a disaster occurs, the damage does not spread and can be avoided. When you actually experience a disaster, you may have a mental disability. In this case, I think it is important to overcome the situation and recover further. We think it’s well worth the effort to solve it.

Q10. “Leaders cannot optimize their results on their own. They need the support and support of their employees.” How does your company interpret this saying?

A10. Creating new value cannot be achieved with ideas alone. People with the same feelings can gather, gather their strengths, and create for the first time. It is also the people around us, including customers, who evolve the creation. For that purpose, we need an idea that is easy to convey and understand to people. I think that people who agree with it will open up the future and complete things.

Q11. Trust is an attribute that is difficult to measure, and it is a subtle dynamic to maintain. How do you keep this with your employees?

A11. I think that trust shows the relationship between people. Trust is built in the relationships between people in the past, present and future. We aim for the same goal, challenge together, repeat trial and error, experience failure together, switch to the opposite idea of ​​deadlock, share the resolved state, explain the lesson to employees, and what it means. It makes you feel, stimulates individual consciousness and raises motivation. We strive to train and maintain our employees in this way.

Q12. If you need to list the five factors that are / are your organization’s greatest assets, what are they and why?

A12. We consistently combine multiple technologies (visual technology that realizes VR applications, technology that reproduces a realistic tactile sensation with a microcomputer and mechanism, technology that detects posture by image sensing, and technology that commercializes by combining). , Take the technology as a mere means, and have an attitude to consistently work on discovering safety improvement methods based on them, and have a team to work on it. I think that by seriously considering only safety, consistency can be created and new methods can be found. Disasters that people have already experienced are accumulated in a form that can be experienced as database assets, and the method that was born grows daily with the cyclone idea and evolves into a better educational tool. I think this approach is the greatest value.

Q13. What do you think is the reason behind your company’s reputation?

A13. I think that the point that large companies pay attention to us as small companies is the consistency of our approach. We have continued simulation technology through VR for more than 20 years, we have continued for a wide range of safety for more than 15 years, we are completely specialized in safety, we have heard needs and combined multiple technologies with our own funds Aim to improve sensitivity by intuitive sensory reproduction (visual + auditory + tactile + odor), to meet the demand as soon as possible, to have a mechanism to execute and improve the cyclone philosophy to advance the product. It is said that the product is evaluated by seeing the fact that it actually realizes customer needs such as building and standardizing a disaster database and maintaining an attitude of continuing to increase the lineup of disaster databases to eradicate disasters. think.

Q14. What do people think about this, such as when a company is involved in social society or CSR activities?

A14. I think it is very good for people to be interested in contributing to society. I think that people like to contribute to society because they think that it directly leads to a positive image, such as making people’s society more convenient, enriching, living safely, and being in a state of security. However, I think that there are only a limited number of businesses that can directly contribute to safety and security. This is because safety and security are indirectly obtained, unlike the output of business activities. If there is a tool that can change people’s safety consciousness that directly connects to safety and security, wouldn’t human society change even more? We believe that an intuitive means of communication through sensory reproduction will be established beyond the language barrier, people’s feelings will change, and the structure of the world will change.

Q15. Where do you think you and your company will be in the next few years?

A15. If Japan’s idea of ​​safety is universal (I believe it is), those who understand our philosophy and agree with the idea of ​​safety that we think of are cultural differences and countries. I think there are many more than that. The means used for communication is a method that appeals directly to the sensory organs, and it is possible to communicate more intuitively beyond the language barrier. Therefore, I think it will take some time to know and recognize the goodness of the product, but once it is understood, I think that it will permeate society as a common communication method for all humankind. Furthermore, I think it is a method that can be used by various people in various countries. Considering these things, we are required to respond globally, and I think that the operation has changed to having bases in several locations overseas.