63. Interview with Mr.RiMM South Asia

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This time, I would like to tell you about the content of the dialogue with the Indian magazine editorial reporter who interviewed.

Q1.Brief us about the Key person

A1.After graduating from mechanical engineering, he joined an electrical company to develop control software for die & wire bonding equipment used in semiconductor manufacturing. He also specializes in vision processing technology. After he joined Santoku Corporation, he started a new project, developed a disaster response training simulator, and designed RiMM for increased safety. He developed his own horrifying tactile reproduction device and announced a disaster experience system incorporating it.

Q2.Please walk us through SANTOKU COPORATION and its offerings.

A2.In response to the government’s request, we actively developed a disaster prevention training simulator, a protection simulator for nuclear power plant terrorism countermeasures, and a simulator for studying and training nuclear decommissioning work. In order to increase sensitivity, developed software RiMM that reproduces the sense of touch by robot control technology, detects human behavior detected by vision processing, and directly reproduces the movement of the avatar in the VR space. As a result, we have approached realism and commercialized a dangerous experience product that enables occupational accidents.

Q3.What have been the biggest challenges you have had to overcome?

A3.The challenge began when we met an instructor who provided safety education for occupational accidents. The instructor worked diligently on lectures to ensure human safety. However, “workers are accustomed to work and do not cause disasters”, and the instructor strongly wanted the workers to actually experience the disaster. But the actual disaster is dangerous and cannot be experienced. Can you feel a disaster with VR? Then our challenge began.

Q4.What does revolution mean to you?

A4.In order to create innovative products, we believe that it is important to take an approach that achieves our goals by incorporating new ideas. By trying the approach from the opposite direction of the market and exploring the direction through trial and error, I think that innovative ideas and ideas will be born. A lot of VR is pursuing and creating software in the direction of fun and excitement, but our approach is the exact opposite. The purpose is to reproduce unpleasant sensations and gain sensitivity in order to ensure safety. We are thinking of achieving that goal with an approach that you feel negative. Innovative products are born by making products with a concept different from general products in this way.

Q5.When it comes to the Company, what are you most proud of?

A5.We believe that the value of a company’s existence lies in its social contribution. We think it is important to contribute to the earth where people live while ensuring the safety of people. With this in mind, we believe it is our mission to focus on improving safety and creating safety methods and ideas that do not yet exist in the world and to meet these conditions.

Q6.Tell us about client base.

A6.Our customers are a wide variety of manufacturing industries involved in occupational accidents. Government, medical, electricity, construction, water, gas, civil engineering, materials, plants, steel, automobiles, railroads, aircraft, chemicals, fabrics, cement, papermaking, air conditioning, machinery, electronics, information, food, logistics, etc.

Q7.What are the most important decisions you make as a leader of your organization?

A7.It is important to identify market demands, promote business with concepts and philosophies that do not exist in the world, and adhere to consistent policies.

Q8.How do you encourage creative thinking within your organization?

A8.We will immediately prototype a product that incorporates a solution that meets the needs of the market and bring it to the market in the trial stage. After that, we have a cyclone philosophy of continuing the feedback improvement method of receiving opinions from customers and improving immediately. This makes it possible to keep up with the speed demanded by the times. We also sometimes take on challenges without fear of risk in order to effectively put into practice the Cyclone philosophy.

Q9.What are some of your Future Endeavors?

A9.In an era of overflowing products and intensifying cost competition, the creation of ideas is drawing attention. What does not exist in the world and has high value is a means of communication that directly touches the human heart. I think it is worthwhile to realize a means of communication that makes you feel emotions directly

Q10.What is the best advice you can give to our readers?

A10.We have come across the theme of safety and security and are promoting our business with the goal of “realizing a safe society.” Please find your destiny and put it out.

Q11.Is there anything we are leaving out here that needs to be addressed?

A11.Communication using the Internet is expanding rapidly, globalization is progressing, and society is changing rapidly. In addition, the global environment is changing rapidly along with changes in industry, and the environment surrounding people is also changing significantly. In order for people to live safely in their environment, they need the ability to respond appropriately to the obstacles caused by those changes. People are faced with the need to create new ways to stay safe accordingly. Through RiMM, we will experience the disasters we have experienced so far as a database, share that information with people on the earth, gather safety-conscious people, gather wisdom, and leave a mechanism to think about the mechanism. Improves safety.