62.To create a safe and secure society

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This time, I would like to think about safety from various aspects. First of all, it has become clear that occupational accidents and man-made accidents can be improved in safety in three ways.

① Know what kind of environment and situation a disaster will occur (disaster case study)

② Experience a disaster that raises danger sensitivity in order to improve danger awareness

③ Learning how to protect yourself (strict adherence to rules, importance of regular operation, use of protective equipment, etc.)

Occupational accidents are the first to know the environment, to learn how to protect yourself, and to carry it out, mental education = sensitivity improvement (ability to receive external stimuli. Sensitivity to receive impressions by inspiration from the subject. Work [philosophy vocabulary (1881)]) is important. Since the environment is built by humans, by improving its basic design and design concept, it is possible to improve safety and improve the environment so that disasters are less likely to occur. It is necessary to take measures.

On the other hand, natural disasters are disasters that occur due to the global environment, so it is necessary to develop the ability to read changes in the global environment. Since the parameters are entwined and generated, it is difficult to clarify with the current wisdom of humankind, so it is not possible to completely predict the occurrence or stop the disaster. Therefore, although it is passive, it is important to study the disaster once it has occurred, learn the method to minimize the damage, and share it as knowledge. For unknown disasters that cannot be dealt with, it is important to record the newly occurred disasters, analyze the situation, consider countermeasures, share all the information, and change the unknown to known. Unfortunately, natural disasters cannot be prevented in most cases, so it is necessary to prepare to improve our ability to respond to disasters on a daily basis. How to think about unexpected events and find a coping method through trial and error by virtual simulation etc., habitual training to read changes in the environment and instantly connect them to judgments and take initiative, deepen cooperation between people and as a group It is important to improve the resilience ability, which is called “flexibility” and “recovery ability”, through collaborative training that creates peace of mind by responding and enables you to deal calmly.

Reassurance is an activity that is carried out for people’s minds, such as implementing memories that enhance safety through education, directly working on the mind to stimulate sensitivity and raising interest in safety and cooperating with each other to provide peace of mind. I think that you can build a safe and secure society by finding out.