61. Mr.RiMM Overseas Dialogue 8

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This time, we will post a remote dialogue by an overseas magazine reporter at COVID-19.

Q1. Trends that are likely to have an impact on this year’s safety field, how are you using those trends, and how are you trying to evolve them?

A1. Rim is a system that fuses virtual and real to reproduce the senses, convey the fear of disasters, and improve sensitivity. By adjusting the amount of stimulation by deforming the 5 sensations to be experienced, it is possible to experience according to individual characteristics. This enables an effective experience tailored to the characteristics of each individual. In the future, it will be possible to further evaluate human characteristics, adjust sensory reproduction, and build a system that takes into account the psychological effects. This method can further improve the educational effect.

Q2. How do you feel about the challenges in each business field while interacting with the decision makers of major customers?
A2. Items that are problematic in the workplace differ depending on the environment, work content, ability of the performer, and experience. It is necessary to prepare abundant educational scenarios according to the situation. We develop disaster scenarios at the fastest speed and bring them to the market in each situation. To keep costs down, standardize scenarios to promote reuse and keep costs down. Scenarios are used by customers, and based on the opinions obtained from them, improved feedback is repeated to improve the quality of education. We call this system the Cyclone Philosophy, which is a circulation system that provides products to the market as soon as possible and improves the quality of education.

Q3.RiMM contributes to society by creating methods and safety ideas that enhance safety. We will walk with the earth to respond to disasters. ”What kind of solution do you offer based on the methodology, characteristics, and merits?

A3. Lim is prepared for training and education programs according to the stage of the disaster experience process. The work procedure is memorized in the body and repeated work, and training is performed by a skill training simulator that deals with coping behavior at the time of abnormality. Products that case-study disasters with images, VR for improving sensitivity for changing consciousness, VR for awareness and discovery to prevent disasters, etc. are provided as educational means. For response to unknown disasters, we provide products that virtually define disasters online and learn how to respond while performing virtual simulations using on-map training methods. In this way, education tailored to each situation is possible. The targets we aim for safety are ensuring safety for people and the global environment in which people live. In accordance with this, we will contribute by continuously constructing a disaster experience database and providing educational means for responding to natural disasters, general disasters including traffic and firefighting, occupational accidents, and human disasters including terrorism.

Q4. Can you cite one or two case studies on how your innovative solutions helped clients overcome hurdles and achieve the desired results?

A4. There are many reports that the number of disasters has decreased by seriously learning safety methods after experiencing a disaster by VR, which changes the consciousness of safety depending on the sensitivity. Five years have passed since its launch, and more than 350 companies have been vacant to continue operation, but the number of repeat introductions has exceeded 40%. In order to derive this result, each company is implementing a three-step education by training the disaster case study, VR awareness reform, and the method to prevent accidents that we recommend, and it is effective. In the field of skill, the decommissioning work of the power plant is examined and the operation training according to the procedure is realized by the virtual training simulation function of the rimm.