60.Virtual reality evolves closer to humans.

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Virtual reality first appeared in the 1960s. Initially, a head-mounted display was developed as a military display device. This head-mounted display is the prototype of the current VR goggles. Then, in the 1990s, an immersive cube display (a three-dimensional image is projected on the inner surface of the cube to reproduce the entire circumference) appeared and is commonly used in the field of training simulation. Many VR training simulations were developed in the 2000s, but the introduction and maintenance costs are large and hinder their widespread use. Since 2010, the use of VR in games has progressed, and with the advent of bent plastic molded lenses and high-definition panels for smartphones, inexpensive VR goggles will appear. With the advent of these VR goggles, the quality and quantity of VR software, as well as the fields of use, will greatly develop. The visual and auditory senses reproduced by goggles are required to reproduce the senses more realistically. Furthermore, attention will be focused on the simultaneous reproduction of the sense of touch and the sense of smell. What is noteworthy here is what is the reproduction of the five senses that match the image that a person has. There are a wide variety of situations in which you can live and experience in real space, and it is important to reproduce them. Sensitivity and psychology are important factors in covering this diversity and matching it with the human image. Sensitivity and psychology are sensations derived from data stored in the human brain through experience, and are sensations as beasts that human beings originally have as living things. In any case, this sensibility is different for each person and it is difficult to cover it comprehensively. The aesthetic sense that everyone seems to feel is a common sense that people can feel. VR is a virtual means of reproducing the senses, and this sense is the most important factor in making the best use of software in each field. This sense is the very characteristic of human beings, and it is an issue that has not yet been clarified. Therefore, in this field, it is important to analyze human sensibilities and utilize them.