59.Realization of VR communication

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Currently, humankind is facing a new crisis and is required to respond to it. The global environment is changing and opportunities to face major disasters are increasing year by year. This includes unexpected disasters (natural, general, industrial accidents, man-made disasters), and there is a need to improve their ability to deal with them. Educational means are in place to study the situation of disasters and learn how to deal with them. In order to further improve safety through the safety education, it is necessary for each individual to raise their awareness of danger. Recently, we have conducted education to improve sensitivity by experiencing danger through VR, and the results of improving awareness have been achieved. Apart from this, there are many cases where psychological damage is caused by actual disasters, which is a problem, and it is necessary to provide means for psychological care.

We aim for more secure and efficient information transmission using VR. We will elucidate the mechanism by which human biological sensory reproduction influences emotions, optimize it for each individual, and realize a more efficient and safe mechanism for touching emotions. In order to construct these mechanisms concretely, it is necessary to understand engineering technology and human biological mechanisms, and to establish a mechanism that acts on emotions through the sensory organs and the brain from a medical point of view. I will. Therefore, it is most important to combine the knowledge of medicine and biology with the knowledge of engineering. VR can be used in a wide range of fields to maintain human safety, as a better means of communication, as an efficient educational means, and as a mechanism to care for people’s feelings, and continues to evolve.