58. Create value

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In an era of overflowing goods and intensifying cost competition, it is attracting attention to create ideas and ideas. A high-value thing that does not exist in the world is a means of communication that directly touches the human heart. I think it is valuable to realize a means of communication that makes you feel emotions directly. Specifically, it influences human emotions such as “feeling what you present directly”, “feeling fun”, “changing feelings”, “want to do”, “want to avoid”, etc. I feel that it is necessary to establish a means that focuses on encouraging people to make decisions. Furthermore, we will concentrate on using this method as a means to increase safety and security.

We believe that the value of a company’s existence lies in its social contribution. In order to further increase the value, it is necessary to contribute to human society with services that do not exist in the world. Furthermore, I think it is to contribute to the earth on which people live. With this in mind, we believe that it is our mission to concentrate on improving safety and on creating safety methods and ideas that do not yet exist in the world. In order for people to live safely, we share disaster information that people have experienced and use that information together. Furthermore, we must have highly conscious people who transcend the boundaries of the company and the country gather and work together to find a safety method. We will build that environment.

RiMM has a product development philosophy called the Cyclone Philosophy. A cyclone method that continuously continues the feedback improvement method, which immediately prototypes a hands-on product that incorporates a solution according to the needs of the market, puts it on the market at the trial stage, receives opinions from customers after use, and immediately makes improvements. It is necessary to keep up with the speed demanded by the times. In order to achieve this, the functions and parts that exist in the market will be diverted, and the functions that do not exist in the world will be developed in-house by combining mechatronics, image processing, microcomputer control, and VR technology to solve the problem.

In order to effectively implement the cyclone philosophy, sometimes we take on challenges without fear of risk, make quick decisions at the stage of trial and error, cancel if the product is not effective, and in some cases seek other ways to realize it. It is necessary to lead the product to completion. This enables product development that follows the development speed required by the market. This method is a development method that we have led by conducting trial development for research institutes for 20 years. In order to carry out this method, it is necessary to make full use of development experience and development techniques in many fields to make decisions.