57. Areas of focus

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We are particularly focusing on fields that enhance safety and security, and we will use VR to educate and train on natural disasters, general disasters including police and firefighting, occupational accidents, and human disasters including anti-terrorism measures. It is a field.

We are proceeding with standardization work of a disaster database that anyone can immediately experience with disaster reproduction images and VR experience scenarios for case studies of disasters that are occurring in the world today. By guiding unknown disasters to known disasters, we aim to reduce risks as much as possible and improve the disaster response capabilities of the people. The expanded VR that reproduces the five senses allows you to touch your heart more intuitively, overcome the language barrier, convey the fear of disasters, and improve the sensitivity of people.

I think Japan’s idea of ​​safety is recognized worldwide. Therefore, I think that people around the world understand our philosophy across cultural differences and countries, and agree with the safety philosophy we think of. The means of communication we create is a method that appeals directly to the sense organs, and it is possible to communicate more intuitively beyond the language barrier. It can appeal directly to the heart. The effect of this method cannot be understood without experiencing it, and it will take some time for everyone to recognize it, but once you experience it and confirm the effect, this method will permeate society as a common means of communication for humankind. I think that. We will spread this method to the world and promote the business with the aim of making Japan the top in terms of safety.