41. Senses beyond the five senses

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What is a sense that goes beyond the five senses? The word I often hear is the sixth sense, what exactly does it mean? Here, I will focus on the senses beyond the five senses. In normal times, people use their five senses to sense the situation mainly by sight and hearing, and in order to comprehensively and instantly grasp difficult situations such as disasters, they use various senses beyond the five senses. ..

The well-known external receptor sensations are visual, auditory, olfactory, taste, and tactile, which are known as the five senses. The internal receptive sensation that is easy to feel when you are scared or nervous is the visceral sensation. Furthermore, the sensation felt on the surface of the body is the skin sensation. There are many skin sensations such as tactile pressure, warmth, coldness, and pain, but sensors that detect each part of the body are locally and efficiently arranged, and are concentrated on the palm, head, soles, etc. I will. In addition, equilibrium sensation (sense of the motor system felt when the body is moved mainly by tilting), deep sensation (position of each part of the body, state of movement, resistance applied to the body, sensation of sensing weight), somatic sensation There is also a sensation (pointing to skin + deep + visceral sensation). Where does the sixth sense refer to? Is it the sensation shown here or the sensation that is not yet known?

I have talked about sensations in several parts, but brain chemistry, neural engineering, and sensory engineering are involved in a medical and engineering approach, and the signal transmission captured by the sensory organs simultaneously transmits hormones through nerves. It can be said that it is generated, carried by blood, transmitted to the body, and captures the sensation throughout the body. Therefore, the technology to convey to humans cannot be dealt with simply by reproducing images and sounds, and various reproductions can be embodied and found and realized by trial and error. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the psychological effects and find a way to communicate carefully. This area is one of the goals RiMM is looking for.