40. The essence of virtual reality

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In general, Virtual Reality (hereinafter referred to as VR) is mostly reproduced by the visual and auditory sensations. In rare cases, a method of adding and reproducing another sense reproduction in the expression of a 4D theater has been realized. The world of RiMM is not a reality, but we aim to reproduce an environment that has the same function as the essence by adding other sensory systems including the five senses of the experiencer and stimulating the senses. What do you mean by “other sensory systems including the five senses” defined here?

Sensory system including the five senses

“Other sensory systems including the five senses” are external receptive sensations = five senses (visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, taste), self-receptive sensations (= equilibrium sensations), internal receptive sensations (= visceral sensations), Shows skin sensations. Tactile sensations and skin sensations are partially duplicated, but there are many sensations that can be reproduced, and there are tactile pressure sensations, warm sensations, cold sensations, pain sensations, force sensations, and five or more skin tactile sensations. RiMM reproduces three or more sensations beyond sight and hearing to enhance the sensation effect.

A device that reproduces the sensory system including the five senses

RiMM reproduces the sense of balance, skin sensation = tactile pressure sensation, warm sensation, cold sensation, pain sensation, and force sensation as negative sensations to make everyone feel scared, and rarely partially reproduces the sense of smell. It is necessary to do it, and by linking that feeling additionally, it gets closer to the essence. RiMM’s tactile sensation is worn by the device in contact with the body, creating a skin sensation through physical movement. The tactile sensation of RiMM is a realistic reproduction. In that sense, RiMM is realized by synthesizing virtual and real.