38. Mr.RiMM Dialogue 3

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Mr. RiMM will answer the questions and questions that customers usually ask about Lim in a question-and-answer format. Today is the 3rd talk.

Question 1. Why did RiMM mainly consist of standard software?

There are many types of disasters. General disasters, traffic, fires, natural disasters, environmental disasters, man-made disasters, occupational accidents, etc. There are various disaster occurrence patterns, and a large number of disasters occur every day. Disasters that occur repeatedly in that process can be used as good teaching materials by promoting standardization in a way that can be visualized and experienced. By knowing the disasters that occur repeatedly and experiencing them in a simulated manner, it is possible to stop the occurrence of disasters and minimize the damage. Disaster information is standardized in a useful and useful manner.

Question 2. Why does RiMM use VR instead of AR?

There are various technologies such as VR, AR, and MR in the world, but each has its own characteristics. AR can fuse the real and virtual worlds. VR, on the other hand, is a complete virtual reproduction. Complete virtual reproduction can create any world. It is possible to create reproductions of tragic disasters and dangerous phenomena that are difficult to reproduce, such as reproduction of average sites and environments that do not actually exist. The biggest feature is to add deformed expression to the visual sense. RiMM has an educational effect by deforming method.

Question 3. How do you deal with trauma in RiMM?

The most important point to consider in risk sensitivity education is trauma control. Experiencing a dangerous situation has the potential to cause trauma. In that respect, more natural expression and reproduction is dangerous. The purpose of increasing sensitivity is to convey fear. In order not to cause trauma, expressions of discomfort must be thoroughly eliminated. On the other hand, taking advantage of the features of CG, we work on the appearance to eliminate discomfort. We have spent more than 10 years since 2004 pursuing the factors that can cause PTSD (post-traumatic stress), and have continued to develop and demonstrate expression methods by focusing on measures to eliminate PTSD together with research institutes. It was. RiMM is utilized by making the best use of its know-how.

Question 4. Please tell me how RiMM responds to the coronavirus.

Corona countermeasures are compatible with the new coronavirus of VR equipment_20200624 Here.

Question 5. Can you support me in operation even after introducing RIMM?

We have various support systems for customers who have introduced our products. All RiMMs are manufactured in-house at our own Kanda factory (made by Kanda), from product development to manufacturing, assembly, and inspection. Therefore, we have various service systems such as direct telephone response, visits by customer service staff, sales and supply of maintenance parts, and product repair / update at our own factory in Kanda. This is also my duty as a supplier of safety products.

RiMM maintenance parts spare parts list _20200630 guidance of

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