37. How to create a disaster scenario

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I would like to talk about creating a disaster scenario. The important thing is to understand the working environment where the disaster occurred. In order to reproduce a disaster in a new environment that you do not know, it is important to study the environment first. Therefore, you can do an environmental study by visiting the site, interviewing workers, supervisors, and safety managers and explaining the situation.

After completing the environmental study, ask the 3D team to create the environmental data and start. At the same time, the situation before the disaster, the situation when the disaster occurred, the situation after the disaster and the confirmation work continue, and the cause of the disaster is clarified. Once you understand the situation, create a storyboard and decide how to reproduce it.

Arrange how to express the sensory reproduction. It’s a matter of course, but I put “when, where, who, what did” into the image. Clarify what is the cause of the disaster. Also, consider the items you want to pay attention to and consider the expression method.

Basically, we will proceed with design studies based on storyboards, what are the important points? , What is the expression of fear? We will consider how to link the five sense reproductions at that time, effects and deformation methods, and complete the design drawing.

As mentioned above, the work of reproducing the 3D environment, creating human behavior, examining the contents of the disaster scenario, and programming the scenario is executed in parallel, and the work progresses. The experience time of the disaster scenario is created according to the following conditions.

In the final process, adjustments will be made while experiencing it based on the created data program. It will be revised repeatedly while examining whether the conditions of each item are met according to the design criteria of the disaster scenario.