32. Mr.RiMM Dialogue 2

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Mr. RiMM will answer the questions and questions that customers usually ask about Lim in a question-and-answer format. Today is the second talk.

Q1. Is it effective for both inexperienced employees and veteran employees?

A1: RiMM is effective for both inexperienced and veteran employees. The parties where safety education is effective are said to be veterans and newcomers. Newcomers do not know the work environment. You also need to let us know what kind of disaster is actually happening at your workplace. Veterans are accustomed to the environment they have spent many years in. I believe in the myth of “I’m okay, not suitable for disasters” that arises from familiarity. Sensitivity is often not sensitive to workplace dangers in the first place for newcomers, and the current situation is that veterans are often less sensitive to it.

Q2. How does the way people feel change between normal tactile sensations and accidents?

A2: The tactile reproduction of RiMM is created based on the match with the imaginary image. You can’t create that feeling unless you actually experience the feeling of a disaster. Therefore, I create it in a divisible form, and I think that it matches the image of “head” at the time of a disaster, and it is an effective sensory reproduction to leave it in the “heart”.

Q3. History of RiMM’s acquisition of tactile reproduction

A3: First of all, I repeated the experiment with visual reproduction, and as a result, I wondered what was missing, even if I felt like I was at the scene after adding the environmental sound, I was missing something in the event of a disaster. We have continued to develop a state in which we have to create new sensory reproductions every time we face a new disaster with the feeling of touch, pain, gravity, wind pressure, and pressure.

Q4. What kind of person is Mr. Matsuda, the developer? (Career, story focusing on safety)

A4: The university has experience in mechanical engineering, microcomputers that control manufacturing equipment in society, circuit design, farm development, image processing development, equipment system development / manufacturing, etc., and promoted custom development business through sales of IT business at the current company, 2004 Since around the year, we have been guided by our customers and walked together toward safety.

Q5. Differences from other companies (RiMM’s uniqueness)

A5: The background is different from other companies. Our business is a support service for research institutes for 10 years, and we have learned a lot. RiMM is also a unique software created at the request of research institutes. 13 years have passed since the birth of RiMM, and 7 years of improvement have continued.

Q6. The reason why I am a VR user, not a VR maker

A6: In our business, we see VR as a means of expressing sensations. We are not developing VR technology, but developing means to improve safety. We are VR users because RiMM uses VR as a means.