30. Sensitivity is reduced.

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A person’s memory deteriorates over time. I know that I suddenly forget the information within a day after I remember it. This is the “Eping House Forgetting Curve” published by a psychologist.

It seems that you can improve your memory by repeating the review before forgetting. You may refer to Eping House’s forgetting theory in terms of safety knowledge education. If you are more interested, please investigate with the keyword “Eping House forgetting curve”.

Can the same curve be applied to the decrease in sensitivity we are talking about? Although it is not the data that was actually taken, it has been confirmed that the sensitivity also decreases with the passage of time. The decline curve seems to have a slower decline time than the forgetting curve. Sensitivity is different from memory in the brain. In the case of memory in the brain, it is temporarily stored in the primary memory area called working memory during education, and then the memory judged to be important is re-recorded in the brain capable of long-term memory. Since sensitivity is linked to the mind, we think that it is felt in the mind and recorded in the body as an internal receptive sensation. Sensitivity depends on the conditions and conditions at the time of recording, but the condition using the RiMM varies from person to person, but it is thought that it will change in 10 to 14 months as a guide. Therefore, I think it is important to re-experience the disaster and raise and maintain the sensitivity before the sensitivity drops.

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