28. What is efficient operation?

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The most common way to experience a VR disaster is to use VR goggles, which are popular for games, in order to reduce the introduction cost. The biggest drawback of using these goggles is that only one person can experience it. Case1

Disaster experience education is required to efficiently implement education for a large number of people. If you want to operate while keeping costs down, use the following method. It will be an operation method in combination with a case study before experiencing a disaster. Case2

Although it costs money, simultaneous operation of multiple units is also common. For RiMM users, the operation in case 3 below is the most common operation mode. Case3

The following operation method is used to reduce the cost of simple goggles using a network and operate them simultaneously. Case4 This method is not adopted by RiMM users because it causes adverse effects such as sickness in operation.

RiMM initial fire extinguishing training