27. Mr. RiMM Dialogue 1

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Mr. RiMM will answer the questions and questions that customers usually ask about Lim in a question-and-answer format. Today is the first talk.

Q1: I’m worried that the disaster experience at RiMM can be seen as an attraction. Please tell me the appropriate operation method.

A1: You should never suddenly experience a disaster. It will not be effective unless the education to be implemented before and after the disaster experience is decided and implemented. Please see the 20th blog article. First of all, it is necessary to study the disasters that can occur at your own site and to know the situation and contents of the disaster before you experience it. After experiencing it, you have to learn how to improve your safety. It is important to receive education to improve safety in a state of high risk awareness.

Q2: Some safety personnel are not good at personal computers. I’m worried if I can master it. Is it easy to install and operate?

A2: When you turn on the computer and start up the RiMM, the button screen for starting up is automatically displayed. Those who use it will be able to experience the disaster scenario by automatically starting it by selecting the disaster button to experience and pressing the button.

Q3: I have a disaster scenario that I like very much, but it is different from our equipment. Is it possible to have only the equipment changed to our company’s equipment?

A3: The virtual reproduction environment can be changed with a dedicated editor. You can change the environment you experience by selecting an environment from the rich 3D database of RiMM and editing it with the RiMM editing editor.

Q4: I would like to use one device at another base in Japan. I am worried that it will not break during transportation. Are there any measures taken?

A4: The RiMM device is designed on the assumption that it will move. All components are stored in a special hard case. The case is a standard product for military use that is also considered to be mounted on an aircraft. Assembling the device comes with video teaching materials and is designed so that anyone can assemble it in 15 to 20 minutes.

Q5: We are conducting safety education using mechanical accident experience machines. What should I do with a mechanical experience machine when RiMM is introduced?

A5: We recommend using it in combination with a mechanical experience machine. First of all, let’s experience the disaster subjectively and feel the fear of the disaster with the VR disaster experience machine. Next, let’s experience it with a mechanical experience machine. You will be conscious in advance by the disaster experience of VR, and you can seriously experience the mechanical experience and produce the effect. Since the mechanical experience machine reproduces the physical phenomenon, you can feel even more scared.