45. Improving disaster scenarios

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RiMM’s disaster scenario needs to be improved by receiving opinions while experiencing it. By repeating this work, the quality of education will improve. We are improving the disaster experience scenario of RiMM based on the opinions of RiMM users.

Continuous improvement of disaster scenarios
SCE27 Dust explosion accident reproduction
SCE29 Railroad track construction Tactile accident reproduction
SCE37 Floor slip back fall accident reproduction
SCE39 Truck inattentive driving traffic accident reproduction
SCE43 Factory / Reproduction of stepladder fall accident during ascent and descent
SCE45 VR Safety Patrol Office Version (Awareness Education)
SCE49 Plant pipe inspection opening fall accident reproduction
SCE53 Construction site scaffolding opening crash reproduction
SCE57 Accident reproduced during drilling work (C-clamp detached)
SCE63 Railroad construction watchman experience reproduction
SCE68 Scaffolding with single pipe scaffolding Shiso fall accident
SCE69 Accident of hitting a person with a head while riding a bicycle
SCE77 Removes a fallen tree that has fallen on an electric wire.
SCE78 Static crushing agent rupture during concrete block removal work
SCE79 Yamanaka route error Sliding down while walking alone
SCE80 breaker loses balance and collapses during moving transportation
SCE81 Ignition explosion during maintenance work in the tank
SCE86 Crash from a utility pole
SCE93 Roller entanglement accident at a food site
SCE97 Fall from stairs Office building version
SCE100 Low speed roller pinch accident
SCE102 Electric shock when removing the distribution board in the station yard
SCE103Crash from construction site scaffolding around station
SCE107 Crash disaster from high-voltage line tower
SCE109 3 traffic accidents (accidents on highways, residential areas, and highways)