24. Disaster preview

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This is the 24th time to describe the attitude and safety concept of RiMM safety. We are currently creating a preview video of the VR disaster experience scenario for RiMM. This time, I will introduce the captured video of the reproduced video.

SCE-05 “Crash disaster scenario from a high place” preview video
SCE-55 “Disaster scenario while removing the loading platform cover” preview video
SCE-76 “Drain extraction during flaming disaster scenario” preview video
SCE-109 “Disaster Scenario Jumping Out of an Intersection” Preview Video

This is a preview of the RiMM disaster experience. I am making a preview video of SCE-05 ~ 111. It will be released soon.

Editor profile introduction

Graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, entered an electrical manufacturer and developed control hardware and software for die joining equipment and wire connection equipment used in semiconductor manufacturing. Specialized in image processing technology for 13 years, then transferred to the current company and started a new business. Started, supported research institutes for more than 5 years. After developing a disaster response training simulator in 2007, he envisioned a RiMM that enhances safety and developed basic RiMM software. We have developed our own tactile reproduction device that makes us feel scared, and announced a disaster experience device that incorporates it.