23. Background of the birth of RiMM

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The birth of the RiMM is a series of trial and error. What is crisis management? What is safety & security? I always thought, but I didn’t get an answer. I don’t think the 2010s, when RiMM was born, was an era of aggressive investment in safety. I wonder why business profits were prioritized when life was important. The method of increasing safety that was judged to be effective at that time was a training simulator that operated certain operations according to the procedure. I think the RiMM was born to expand its use and establish a sustainable training method.

Basic concept at the time of RiMM birth

Fortunately, I think that society’s attitude toward safety has changed in the last few years. The way of thinking about safety is changing, including Japanese society and overseas society. Safety has begun to be recognized as an important thing that leads society in a positive direction, and I feel that the themes and definitions that are very important for the survival of people have changed. RiMM was conceptually designed in 2012, and I feel that 2018 was the time when RiMM was truly recognized by society. It took six years from the conception.