22. Time to be effective

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Some conditions must be met in order to experience a disaster and increase sensitivity. First of all, do you think that the experience is “an event that happens around you”? Can you understand the environment that exists, understand what kind of work you are doing, and then experience the disaster? And what’s the other important thing? It’s “time”. The beauty of VR goggles is that you can easily experience 360-degree virtual reality. The weakness is that each person wears goggles. Experience education attempts to shorten the experience cycle in order to improve efficiency.

It takes time from a negative experience to a scary feeling.

please think about it. First, it takes time to enter the virtual space and understand the environment of the virtual space. Grasp the situation while moving your body and checking various things. Next, it is a common scenario to act according to the purpose of work and to meet the disaster because of that action. The most important point is that it takes some time for people to feel and call their hearts. The RiMM scenario secures a situation recognition time of about 90 seconds. After that, we will secure an important time for the negative event to occur and feel. RiMM disaster scenarios are created with the time required to increase susceptibility and the efficiency of operation at the same time.

In order to experience a disaster, it takes 2 to 20 seconds to confirm and judge the situation, execute dangerous actions led to the disaster, experience negative things, and feel scared, and a total of 3 minutes is very important. It’s time. This time is necessary to improve the experience effect.