19. Feeling reality

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What is the reality you feel? We define the “reality” that we think of by creating disaster reproduction images of danger prediction and virtual disaster experiences related to sensitivity improvement. There are many meanings even if it is generally expressed as reality. There are various interpretations of “realistic photo-reality” and “reality that exactly matches what actually happened.”

Image reproduced by experiencing VR disaster (1)

None of the images reproduced on the RiMM are natural, photo-realistic expressions. The reality defined by RiMM is “reality that matches the image drawn on the head” and “reality that can be felt close to us.” What we value is that there is no lie in the space, that it makes us think of a landscape that we have seen somewhere, and that we can feel it.

Image reproduced by experiencing VR disaster (2)

People have the ability to visually grasp the situation that is occurring, unconsciously search for a place to see even if it is a CG image, collate it with past experiences, and imagine and judge from the situation. Lim designs and reproduces images according to human behavior and thoughts. In addition, each person has different sensibilities. Highly sensitive people can feel it only by the image, but most people feel it more strongly by experiencing it in combination with the tactile sensation reproduction. The most important point is not to make people feel uncomfortable.