17. Important sensory reproduction

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What is the purpose of the RiMM? I think that the important items to improve safety, which is the purpose of the RiMM, are consciousness, motivation, feelings, sensitivity, and sensitivity. Then, wonder what is the way to touch these.

Senses necessary for the experience

Should I use my five senses? Is it a sense of parallelism? Is it a visceral sensation? In reality, all senses need to be reproduced. The RiMM reproduces visual and auditory sensations, of course, but is designed with the aim of activating visceral sensations and recording them as dangerous sensations through the reproduction of cutaneous and equilibrium sensations. Sight and hearing are reproduced in virtual reality, but skin and balance are created in a unique way.

If you experience the RiMM, you will understand how important the senses other than vision are. We will continue to realize the RiMM while confirming the effectiveness of sensory reproduction for safety.